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At HireMango, we connect you with top talent from diverse backgrounds in Africa, Latin America, and the Philippines. Our platform makes it easy to find and connect with the right candidates for your business, so you can focus on growing your company with the best possible team.

What Makes HireMango Different?

The World's Top Talent

Our platform carefully screens job seekers to ensure they have the skills, experience, and professionalism that companies are looking for. This can save you time and resources in the hiring process as you search for the best possible candidate for the job.


Cost Effective Hiring

HireMango gives you a flexible and cost-effective way to hire. Our platform allows companies to easily hire remote workers from around the world, which can save on overhead costs like office space and utilities. The best part? You only pay once you've hired.

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Diversity and Inclusion

By connecting companies with talented remote workers from underrepresented regions like Africa, Latin America, and the Philippines, we help companies build more diverse and inclusive teams that reflect the global marketplace.

How it

  1. Post a job: This involves providing a job description, outlining the qualifications and skills you’re looking for in a candidate, and setting the terms of the job, such as hours, pay, and length of the contract.

  2. Review candidate profiles: All candidates presented to you have passed through up to two English tests as well as two interviews. We aim to find the best possible talent for you and will do so until you find the right fit. Don’t pay until you hire!

  3. Hire your top candidate: Once you find the right candidate we can have them ready to start ASAP. We’ll take care of all hiring paperwork, payroll, and benefits so you can onboard them and start working as soon as possible with one easy monthly payment.

what is the cost of a personal assistant?

Meet Our Talent

At HireMango, we have more than 4,000 potential candidates on platform currently. 

I´m an honest, helpful professional, with 22 years of experience in HR, love to support and offer service to the teamwork. Proactive and Creative human being.

Guillermo BA Psychology | Cancun, Mexico

My experience in Finance helps me assist with any company’s bank accounts, including income and outcome analysis, all transfers, and payroll calculation and execution.

Tania BA Business | Guadalajara, Mexico

As an experienced lawyer with almost 4 years of experience in the legal field, I have had the privilege of working at the Legal Department of C6Bank, a JP Morgan Chase branch in Brazil.

Gustavo MD Corporate Law | São Paulo, Brazil

    Together is working smarter.


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