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Top Skills and Traits to Look for in Job Candidates

top skills and traits

What are the top skills and traits to look for in job candidates – Recruiters often prioritize academic qualifications and technical skills when hiring candidates, neglecting the importance of soft skills. Soft skills are essential for a positive and thriving work environment.

At HireMango, we recognize the value of soft skills and prioritize them when assessing candidates. In this article, we’ll discuss the top soft skills and traits that we look for in top candidates.

Hiring Superstars: Assessing Employee Candidates

1. Teamwork

Though not a requirement in all roles, the ability to be a team player by collaborating with other workmates is a stand-out trait that most employers look for in employees. Through teamwork, employees can achieve results much faster than when working individually. Collaboration also enables employees to benefit from the skill sets of other employees and, in so doing, learn different skills in the process. 

Therefore, it would be best to ask job applicants to narrate their personal experiences as team players.

2. Communication skills

Proper communication involves actively listening, offering thoughtful remarks, and tentatively acting on the information. A top candidate can show their ability to communicate either verbally or through writing properly. In addition, they should be able to communicate adequately with their workmates and top management to avoid communication breakdowns, which may affect meeting deadlines and targets in the long run.

3. Problem-Solving 

Employees will face many challenges at the workplace, and it will be beneficial if they know how to react to situations, even in your absence. Problem-solving involves quickly analyzing a problem and developing resolutions that promptly minimize its effects. During the interview, ask candidates to narrate how they used their problem-solving skills to create workplace or personal solutions.

4. Critical Thinking

The ability to carefully analyze situations and ask questions on how to reconcile the problem is one of the most admirable qualities of a top candidate. Candidates who possess this skill always stand out from the rest and easily take leadership positions within the organization. You can always rely on critical thinkers since they can solve problems easily and quickly and, most importantly, identify problems, issues, and even opportunities that other workers are yet to figure out.

5. Ambition

Candidates with bigger ambitions and motivations than just the monthly salary are usually the best fits for most jobs. This is simply because they are intrinsically driven to succeed in their careers and lives and create a win-win situation where the employer benefits from their hard work and determination. Therefore, during the interview, ask them about their personal goals, where they see themselves in the next five years, for example, and how the job fits into their career plans.

6. Dependability

You should ask yourself whether you can rely on an employee to get the job done and keep things running. Top employees can consistently meet their targets and deadlines without being micromanaged. In other words, they are self-responsible individuals capable of fulfilling their duties head-on and always fulfilling your requirements.

7. Honesty

You can rely on an honest employee who always has your best interests at heart and puts your business interests first when making work-related decisions. Employees that are always ready to accept and learn from mistakes. Trustworthy employees are always suitable for top management roles since they can handle the business property and ensure everything runs smoothly per your demands.

8. Loyalty

Honesty and loyalty go hand in hand since honest employees will most likely be loyal employees who believe in the company’s mission and their work. Dedicated employees will stay with you longer, even during tough times. This is simply because they feel loved, supported, and appreciated while working for you. Loyalty is a top skill that can sometimes be hard to find, but once you get loyal employees, you should do what is necessary to retain them. 

9. Eagerness To Learn

The last thing you want at the workplace is “know it” characters who are too proud and egotistical to learn from their fellow workmates and even to accept they are wrong and be corrected. It is a top trait to, at times, admit that you do not know something and, as a result, open yourself up to learn it. A leading candidate should be eager to learn and grow an eagerness-to-learn mindset to learn and grow continually.

10. Flexibility

Flexible employees can swiftly adapt to changes. You can rely on them to stay behind longer to get work done, switch shifts, or even switch their usual work processes. Such employees can ensure the business runs smoothly, irrespective of any changes at work.

11. Positivity

Employees always full of positive energy and optimism are likelier to inject the same into the workplace. Therefore, it would be best to have such employees amongst your teams to rely on them to rally the troops and keep their moods lively. Unlike pessimistic employees, employees who show positivity can also do their work enthusiastically and produce superior-quality output.

12. Confidence

Employees who are confident in their skills and capabilities and ability to succeed in whatever they do are top employees who are highly sought after in the job market. Such employees are always ready to take on a challenge with a positive mindset and attitude, making them more likely to succeed. They are also expected to inject the same confidence into their teams and workmates and make everyone feel confident in themselves.

13. Work Ethic

Employees who always show their ability to meet deadlines, report to work early and always adhere to company policies are top employees who will add value to any organization they join. You should look for employees who exemplify the ideal employee traits by actually doing and not just talking about it. Such employees ensure they meet their deadlines and are never involved in indisciplined cases.

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FAQ: Top Skills and Traits To Look For In Job Candidates

What are employability skills?

The fundamental abilities, character traits, and values enabling you to succeed in any workplace are called employability skills. They are sometimes known as “workplace skills,” “communication skills,” or “business skills.” Some examples of employability skills are compelling communication, initiative, and drive.

What are bosses looking for in an employee?

Employers want employees to act professionally in their voice, behavior, tasks, and appearance. The employee should treat customers politely, clients, and coworkers. They should be proud of their work and ensure it is completed thoroughly.

Taking risks and trying new things are important for bosses, but they don’t want to make reckless decisions. It is important for any employee to be creative and capable of coming up with new ideas.

What do recruiters like to hear?

Individuals who demonstrate that they go above and beyond what is expected at work. Individuals who are honest about their ignorance and constantly seek new information to fill in their knowledge and experience gaps are those who “know what they don’t know.”

Someone who goes above and beyond what is required of them at work. Those who recognize their knowledge and experience gaps and continuously seek to fill them with new knowledge and skills.

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