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The Benefits of Employer Branding

Employer Branding

The workplace is steadily changing, and to some employers, some changes may be too fast. One change that has significantly affected the job market is the multiple alternatives employees have regarding whom they can work for. Currently, employees are no longer swayed by huge salaries but rather by the overall company image, especially the employer image.

Therefore, it is integral that, as an employer, you strive to create and maintain a likable image that will help you retain your workforce and keep attracting fresh, top talent. In other words, as an employer, you are responsible for your employer branding, and you, therefore, need to develop strategies that will help you maintain that image.

What is Employer Branding?

It refers to how your workforce and the job market view your company. Factors include how well you pay, the benefits you offer, how you relate to your employees, and how you support, recognize, and reward your employees.

We live in modern times where information is decentralized and ordinary people can either bring down a company or, better yet, glorify it and boost its growth. Therefore, you should be aware of the image you are creating and sharing with the world and how others may receive and perceive your company.

Therefore, your image is essential no matter how superior your products or services are.

Who is Responsible for Employer Branding?

Fortunately, you do not need to carry this weight alone but rather with an empowered team within your company.

1. The CEO

It would be best if you were the first to create and defend an image you want people to relate to. You are the company, and the company is you. The mission and vision of the company come from you, so you should be the first role model.

2. HR Executive

The HR manager(s) will always maintain a certain level of decorum highly liked by the workforce and potential employees. They must always ensure good relations with employees to portray a good image of the company’s HR policies. HR executives need to be your deputies who read from the same script as you to ensure everything is clear.

3. Marketing Department

This department acts as a link between you and the outside world. Therefore, their top agenda should always be to portray a positive image of you to prospective employees. This will inspire people to join your team and aspire to work with you.

Nowadays, the media influences people’s opinions, It is, therefore, essential that the marketing team is always aware of what they are putting in front of your audience and how it shapes the perception of the company.

5 Key Benefits of Employer Branding

1. Attract Top Talent

Nowadays, most job seekers will probably use search engines or social media to look for the best companies to work for. This means that your company needs to have an upright and attractive image online and among people outside your company to attract top talent continuously. In case you are yet to know this, most job seekers nowadays are also likely to forego a higher salary in favor of non-monetary benefits like excellent working culture, a thriving working environment, and even quality HR services.

As a business owner, you must ensure the image you portray to the public is not scripted but natural. A picture your workforce can attest to on social media and job sites like Glassdoor. Online reviews about your company matter when job seekers want to decide whether to work for you. The more top talent you attract, the higher the chances of other people identifying your business as an outstanding workplace.

2. Decrease Time and Cost Per Hire

A stand-out employer brand will always ensure that you have a fully backed recruitment pipeline filled with job seekers who are ready and eager to work for you. Once you post a job opening online, you will spend little time getting the required job applications and developing a database of competitive potentials you can easily hire from.

The best part is that your employees are also most likely to refer some of their friends who possess top skills and traits favorable to various roles that become vacant in the business. This reduces the time you spend recruiting employees. But, of course, this is only possible if your employer brand is likable to people.

3. Boost Employee Morale

If you have a standout employer brand, you will take care of your employees and ensure they get your full support to thrive in their roles. Well-taken care of employees are often happy and are more likely to share positive statements about your company.

Ensuring you have a top employer brand will also make your employees your brand ambassadors online or outside your business premises. They will always be ready to represent your company in the best possible way and attract more top talent.

Creating career paths for employees, spending on ongoing training and support, and providing competitive pay and benefits are all excellent ways to ensure that your employee brand is boosting morale and will, in turn, result in your staff providing better service to your customers. 

4. Increase Retention

Most employees who work where they feel cared for properly prefer to keep working for a long time. Retaining top talent is as important as recruiting top talent. The last thing you want is to lose your top talent regularly, who are most crucial to the success and stability of your business. You will therefore need always to ensure you fulfill your employees’ needs at work to make them love working for you and stay longer. 

Retaining your top employees will save you money and ensure business continuity. Having employees who work for you for a long time also creates strong bonds of honesty, trust, and loyalty, which are crucial traits of top employees. You can always rely on employees whom you’ve worked with for a long always to keep the business running even in your absence.

5. Build Credibility With Customers

Having a top employer brand will ensure you recruit top talent who will offer your clients top services that will make them happy, satisfied, and always returning. Customers always like to be served by top employees. Therefore, to ensure you attract and retain customers, you always need to give them a positive experience. 

As you can see, satisfied customers also ensure you create a positive overall company image that will attract more clients who want to be associated with your business. Therefore, you must ensure the marketing department always shows this to the outside world regularly to attract more clients who relate to your company.

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Why is employer branding important?

Every company has a unique employment brand. It’s how businesses distinguish themselves in the labor market to draw in, hire, engage, and keep the best candidates. Companies may compete for the best employees and build a reputation by having a good employer brand.

What are the benefits of branding for employees?

Employee branding initiatives don’t simply impact customer and staff retention; they also serve as a critical recruiting tool for candidates and prospects searching for ways to distinguish their products from those of competitors. In addition, employees who work for companies with solid employee brands serve as effective brand ambassadors.

What is the impact of employer branding?

For a company’s recruitment strategy to be successful, it is now essential to have a compelling employer brand. According to a study, 69% of people actively looking for work are likelier to apply to a company with a vibrant employer brand. So what then constitutes a powerful employer brand?

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