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Grow your QA the Smarter Way!

You need the most from your product development team and from the investment you have put in them. Maximize that investment by adding a QA professional to your team so that everyone can deliver faster and deliver more with quality.

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What you can expect.

A HireMango QA Specialist embedded within your team, using your tools.

Get a QA professional interacting immediately with your team, using your toolsets, and contributing without missing a beat.

Smooth test execution turnaround

Since we are working right alongside your team, and there is significant overlap of working hours, collaboration is high and work is accomplished without extra "handoffs" and coordination.

Deliver faster. Deliver more.

Each team member is performing the tasks they are most comfortable with, trained on, and can accel at.

Establish good QA strategy and best practices

We don't just execute basic tests, we help ensure things are done right to ensure quality throughout the development process.

More About Our QA Services

Whether this is your first QA hire or not, we know how to jump right in and deliver value immediately. We include:

$2,500 / month

The Smarter Way to Get More Done

Adding a HireMango QA Specialist to your development team is the smartest thing to do to help your development team do more together.

You Can Be Doing More

We use a simple month-to-month subscription approach that allows you to easily plan and keep control. Free yourself from the high labor costs that are unnecessarily holding back so many businesses from growing right now.

Easily Add Africa Power

We take care of the hard stuff for you, making it super easy to get good talent working for you quickly.

Better Communication and Confidence

As you get more customers and your application grows in complexity, keep your confidence high as you continue to develop and avoid the bugs and hit to your credibility and brand during this important time for your business.

Play to Your Strengths when adding QA

Having a happy development team is a BIG part of having a successful team. If everyone on the team is able to focus on their strengths, be held accountable to each other, and rely on each other to do their part, you will have a highly engaged team. Those teams get much better work done and have employees that stay.

Our People

An investment in talent

At HireMango, we put our time and attention into finding, recruiting, and training the most talented individuals across Africa. This helps us provide your business with the best possible candidates. 

Junior Moremong

Hi! My name is Junior Moremong and I am a recent college graduate from Ghana. Working at Mango has helped me grow my professional opportunities.

Junior Moremong

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Junior Moremong

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Together is working smarter.


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